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50 out of 80

Edward Dallachy

Thought it was a joke, but the gift card came by mail this morning. I wish I didn't skip this the first time I saw it, because I could have two!

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Layla Loveless

At first I thought it was a joke, but I just got my coupon ($1,000) forwarded this to my friends so they can get a chance too.

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Cody Bourke

That's great! I have never won anything!!!

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Benjamin Morrill

I like such offers!

Like * Comment * 31 *

William Lamington

I just got a call that I won, I'm so happy!

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Oliver MacDevitt

Participated 5 days ago and won, thanks so much guys!

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Tayla Bedggood

I won but I want my gift card sent via email. Thanks guys (is it possible?)

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Ashley Le Grand

Damn, did not win anything :(

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Dean Annois

Any more surveys that I can go through?

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Chloe Cato

Have you ever seen such a thing, just today was such a bad day, but at least I got this great deal!

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Hamish Copley

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

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